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Real estate | bojarski.net.pl

Real estate

P. Bojarski and K. Schmidt-Kwiecińska Law Office is well experienced in legal representation of real estate managers and agents.

For many years, we have been representing real estate managers and real estate agents.

We provide legal service for housing associations in court disputes regarding:

  • transfer of right of perpetual usufruct into property right;
  • action for payment regarding outstanding housing fees (including shared areas, building reserve, service charges, utilities etc);
  • action for repeal or declaration of invalidity of previous resolutions.

As part of comprehensive legal service we offer:

  • recording of community meetings;
  • preparing resolution drafts;
  • assessment of resolutions;
  • drafting actions repeal or declaration of invalidity of passed resolutions;
  • conducting judicial proceedings regarding passed resolutions;
  • preparing and assessing contracts of a Community;
  • preparing  draft agreements regarding acquisition, disposing and managing of real estate
  • drafting legal opinions;
  • analyzing legal risks of future actions;
  • managing the content of land and mortgage registers, comparing their content to the actual state, conducting inheritance proceedings, conducting proceedings regarding removal of shared ownership;
  • making analysis of legal situation of real estate;
  • legal representation of Communities before courts, public administration and enforcement authorities.

We represent managers and provide legal service in meetings with residents.

Paweł Bojarski, PhD participated as expert at the 18th Congress of Real Estate Market (Kongres Polskiej Federacji Rynku Nieruchomościami), which is the greatest forum for real estate representatives, managers and agents. He gave a lecture “Asserting claims of agents and managers”. Our Law Offices also participated in the Regional Meeting of Real Estate Agents in Wrocław and Zielona Góra. Dr Katarzyna Schmidt-Kwiecińska, PhD gave a lecture ?Effective debt recovery”.

30.10.2013 – P. Bojarski, dr K. Schmidt-Kwiecińska Law Office run a training ?How effectively secure an agent’s remuneration” organized by Letia Business Center Club for real estate agents. Presentation served as source of information regarding security and enforcement of claims.

February 2014 – Katarzyna Schmidt-Kwiecińska gave a lecture ?Managing court disputes by housing communities. Sale of indebted premises.”

May 2014 – Katarzyna Schmidt-Kwiecińska run a seminar “Debt collection of rent receivables in commercial lease” during the Regional Forum of Real Estate Agents organized by the Polish Institute of Market Development.

September 2014 – our Law Office was a content supervisor in the Regional Meeting of Real Estate Agents in Wrocław. One of our representatives presented the issue: “Legal aspects and possible ways of acting towards a burdensome tenant”.

We also render comprehensive service for developers. Furthermore, we manage cases for their clients.


  • legal assistance in negotiating with contracting parties or creditors (requisite or required legal steps to secure a  customer ?s interests);
  • representing in disputes with subcontractors;
  • representing in proceedings regarding real estate (separation, excluding from agricultural production);
  • representing in administrative proceedings related to investments.

When investments are based on a mortgage loan we can also fulfill a role of the mortgage administrator.


  • legal advisory in concluding the preliminary and final sale agreement;
  • judicial proceedings regarding order to make a declaration of intent (transfer of ownership);
  • judicial proceedings regarding delay of the developer in transfer of ownership (higher interest rate until the mortgage is established);
  • drafting motions for encumbrance of real estate in order to secure claims until the issue is finally settled;
  • managing the cases regarding elimination of discrepancy between legal situation in the land and mortgage register and the actual state.

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