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We offer the comprehensive assistance in solving legal queries. We point out secure ways of acting, warn of possible threats and rationalize risk. We offer comfort through managing risky situations in the legal realms. We manage correspondence, conversations, mediations aiming at amicable solving the matter. We have also gained the considerable experience in managing court cases. Our experience and calmness enabled us to solve the case amicably. Our team participated in court cases many times which led to the top level of security and professional performance.We inform the client regularly about the progress of the cases and apply creative approach when managing them. Our reputation is established through full commitment in our Clients ?queries. Our daily activities focus on the highest standards of legal assistance. We are passionate about what we do. Communication with Clients, transparency of feedback and assessments are very important factors of our work.

Areas of activity

Civil law

  • Claims for payment;
  • Property law cases;
  • Bill of exchange cases
  • Disputes related to real estate trading;
  • land and mortgage register proceedings;
  • prescription;
  • dissolution of co-ownership;
  • delimitation
  • cases in scope of infringement of personal interests

Family law

  • divorce and separation cases;
  • claims for recovery of child support
  • depriving and restricting of the parental authority
  • making arrangements to contact a child;
  • participation in mediation between spouses;
  • property settlements between spouses.

Law of succession:

  • proceedings in the scope of estateacquisition;
  • partition of the estate;
  • legitim;
  • testamentary succession by disposition;
  • liability for inherited debts;
  • inheritance related agreement.

Commercial law;

  • Bankruptcy and reorganization law
  • Labour law and social insurance law;

Administrative law;
Environmental protection law.

Since 1998, Paweł Bojarski, PhD and legal counsel, has been a member of the Team for Environmental Protection Law of the Institute of Law Studies in the Polish Academy of Sciences. He also has a 3-year experience in scope of adjudication in the Local Government Appeal Board in Wrocław in environmental protection cases. He wrote numerous publications regarding Environmental Protection Law, including academic textbooks. He held lectures and attended many scientific conferences, including the international ones, devoted to the environmental protection issues. For many years, we have been drawing up the legal opinions in scope of the environmental protection law.

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