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Mediation | bojarski.net.pl

Katarzyna Schmidt-Kwiecińska, PhD is a mediator of the Association of the Centre for Dialogue and Mediation “Bliżej”.

She is also a mediator in the district court in Wrocław.

She specializes in negotiations and commercial mediations. Katarzyna Schmidt-Kwiecińska applies Standards of mediation established 26 June, 2006 by the Minister of Justice. These were created as the assistance for managing mediations and they guarantee security for parties to the mediation.






  • defines unresolved disputes
  •  is voluntary in its nature
  • is confidential
  • saves time
  • diminishes communication issues
  • drafts solutions to disputes
  • enables reaching an agreement

Types of mediations:

  • court mediation
  • out-of-court mediation

Mediation may lead to agreement including all negotiated issues or may cover part of them.

In case of out-of-court mediations, a mediator submits to the court a mediation protocol if the agreement has been reached. The agreement reached before a mediator and approved by the court is valid as the agreement reached during the court proceeding.

Stages of mediation:

  • both parties express their interest in the process of mediation
  • mediation contract is signed
  • they complete a form including the subject-matter of a dispute
  • mediator arranges date and place of first mediation session

We manage the following mediations in commercial cases:

  • mediation between members of the management board;
  • mediation between partners;
  • mediation between counterparties;
  • mediation between investor and subcontractors.

We also manage mediations in family court cases:

  • granting visitation rights with minors;
  • division of property;
  • child support/alimony;
  • issues regarding parental authority.

For further information, please contact our mediator, Katarzyna Schmidt-Kwiecińska, PhD.

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