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Damages | bojarski.net.pl


We specialize in recovering damages and compensation from insurance companies and third parties. We enforce claims for personal injuries, injuries to property resulting from traffic accidents, medical errors, workplace accidents and other events in the scope of insurance protection. We act as a claims adjuster and represent our clients in the court.

We are truly convinced that involvement of our legal representatives has a considerable impact on the final decision of a judge. Therefore this sort of cases is managed by the fully qualified team. Its members are not only well experienced, they also strive to enhance their qualifications and participate in various trainings and courses.

Our qualifications and skills guarantee a professional approach to each case. Taking evidence from medical reports is one of the most crucial parts of our work. It is a link between legal acts and a medical situation. A professional representative use biological facts, although limited at some point, to have knowledge as far as a given case is concerned.

Correlation between the content of court letters and medical reports depends on legal knowledge of a representative. That is why court letters should include reference points and tips for an expert witness preparing his own report. The more meticulous is a report, the easier it is to understand it thoroughly. In spite of the fact we want to understand all the medical factors, we realize an expert in this realm is crucial. Therefore we give all the documents related to the case to a surgeon for consultation. He issues a report on our request which includes key medical and forecasting issues.

We also cooperate with a certifying doctor from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). His opinion is used when assessing health impairments in cases. He also points out important rules of assessing and describes particular aspects of medical interpretation.

Consistence in medical and legal fields is crucial for a legal representative. A professional legal and medical interpretation enables an expert witness to compare it to factual findings and to define a correct cause and effect relationship. These actions are characteristic both for medical and legal assessment as they are complementary to each other. It matters when confronting legal and medical aspects in a given case. Implementing both legal and medical assessment to a court proceeding is a modern solution.

Claim adjustment cases are managed in the cooperation with the Car Repair Center which defines the range of repairs, effort costs and spare parts.

We also manage cases related to reimbursement of expenses for renting an interim vehicle.

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